Ozan Sarıer (1985) is a composer, performer and a designer for musical instruments and interfaces.

He started using computers for music at the age of eight and started playing electric guitar at the age of thirteen. During 2001-2004 he recorded various bands at his studio and performed with some of them. In 2004, he was accepted to the music department of İstanbul Bilgi University with full scholarship.

During his education at Bilgi University, he abandoned playing guitar in traditional means and focused more on composition and creating new ways of performing, parallel to his growing interest on electronic music. He studied composition with Selen Gülün, Onur Türkmen, Tolga Tüzün and Dirk Johan Stromberg, recording technology and aesthetics with Mine Erkaya, Hakan Kurşun and Mike Nielsen,acoustics, psychoacoustics and electronic music with Dr. Murat Tan, Koray Tahiroğlu and Pieter Snapper. Ozan got his bachelors degree on music (with honours, focusing on composition and technology) in 2008.

After Bilgi, he was accepted to the Istanbul Technical University's Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) where he had the chance to study sound engineering & design along with composition and got his masters degree in 2012. Currently he is pursuing a Ph.D. degree on sound engineering and design at MIAM.